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Home Air Conditioners in Winnipeg

On a hot, humid summer day, there's nothing better than walking into a room with the air conditioner going strong! At GLT Service Professionals, we carry a wide range of air conditioners in Winnipeg. We have models made for maximum energy efficiency and those designed to fit in smaller spaces. You're sure to find a unit from a quality brand inside our beautiful showroom! After you make your selection, our technicians will carefully install your new air conditioner in your home. We don't leave until we're sure the unit is operating correctly and supplying a steady stream of cool air for everyone to enjoy.

The Benefits of Having Air Conditioning in Winnipeg
Aside from feeling much cooler, there are other advantages to having air conditioning in Winnipeg. You can expect the following benefits:

  • Your comfort and energy level will increase
  • Lower risk of dehydration and overheating
  • Reduces humidity in the air for less mould and mildew growth
  • Filters out pollen, dust and other allergens for better indoor air quality
  • Windows can be shut to block outside noise and improve your safety

These benefits will help improve your health and your overall comfort level. When you're ready to install a new air conditioner in your home, contact GLT Service Professionals. We have a model waiting for you!

Different Types of Air Conditioner

You have several options of cooling systems to choose from. If you would like to cool down your entire home, a central air conditioner, split system or heat pump would be best. If you only want to cool a certain area, a room air conditioner can be mounted in a window or on a wall. Lastly, ductless mini-split systems are ideal for homes that don't have existing ductwork and operate similar to a window air conditioner.

Our technician will install your air conditioner in a place ideal for the specific type of unit. The size of your home, location of your rooms, airflow efficiency, noise level, and exposure to sunlight will all be considered.

Cleaning and Maintaining Your Air Conditioner

An air conditioner's components require cleaning and maintenance for the unit to function properly. Clogged filters can reduce your system's efficiently and increase your energy bill. Your unit's evaporator and condenser coils also collect debris, so they should be cleaned regularly as well. You can usually perform this type of routine maintenance yourself, but for more difficult problems like bent coil fins and blocked drain channels, you should always call a professional.

Bryant® Heating & Cooling Systems

Evolution® System Central Air Conditioner

Our top of the line system for total home air conditioning, the Evolution Central Air Conditioner, delivers the ultimate in whole-home comfort with our highest SEER rating to ensure the finest in energy efficiency and economical performance.

Bryant cooling system 1

Model: 187B


Preferred™ Series Central Air Conditioner

With our Preferred Series Central Air Conditioner, you can cut your utility bills, yet still enjoy reliable whole-home comfort. With an up to 16.5 SEER rating, this unit delivers energy efficient, economical operation that's as quiet as running your dishwasher.

Bryant cooling system 2

Model: 123A


Legacy™ Line Central Air Conditioner

Cool and heat your home with the high efficiency Legacy Line Air Conditioner. This model provides low-cost cooling for your home with an up to 16 SEER rating.

Bryant cooling system 3

Models: 113A

Key Features:

Lennox Heating and Cooling Systems

Signature® Collection SL18XC1 Single-Stage Air Conditioner

Lennox cooling system 1

Product Details

Elite® Series XC14 Air Conditioner

Lennox cooling system 2

Product Details

Elite® Series XC13 Air Conditioner

Lennox cooling system 3

Product Details

Merit® Series 13ACX Air Conditioner

Lennox cooling system 4

Product Details

MS7C Mini-Split Air Conditioner

Lennox cooling system 5
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