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At GLT Service Professionals, we know how to take care of your furnace so it has a long, useful lifespan for you and your family. You can count on us for quality furnace repair in Winnipeg and Steinbach whenever you need it. But aside from it completely breaking down, how do you know if your furnace requires a repair? You should look out for the following:

  • Higher energy bills 
  • A short furnace cycle 
  • Excess dust in your home 
  • Temperature inconsistency 
  • You haven't had it cleaned in a few years 
  • Noisy operation or strange noises coming from your furnace

These signs all mean something isn't working quite right. We'll diagnose the problem and provide the repair, whether it's cleaning out your ducts or replacing a part. To better maintain your system, you should regularly clean and replace your filters, check your thermostat for malfunctions, and keep your vents and ducts as clean as possible.

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Should You Get a Gas or Electric Furnace in Winnipeg or Steinbach?

We install gas and electric furnaces for our customers. There are advantages and disadvantages to both systems, and we'll be happy to help you make this decision when you're choosing a furnace. The most common question that we're asked about these furnaces is whether it's more cost effective to install an electric furnace over gas. Here are two aspects of that question to consider:

Q: Do I have the electrical capacity for an electric furnace?

Electric furnaces require that you have a 200-amp service.

Q: What is the running cost between a high-efficiency gas furnace and an electric furnace?

Manitoba Hydro provides this information on their website.

An electric furnace is generally less expensive than a gas system, but it's more expensive to operate. These furnaces are also quieter, easier to install and don't require as much maintenance. They should last between 20 and 30 years with the proper care. 

A gas furnace uses natural gas and is therefore less expensive to operate. Gas furnaces usually heat your home faster and more efficiently than their electric counterparts, which is very beneficial in the dead of winter. Because these systems emit a low level of carbon monoxide, they must be consistently maintained for safety purposes. Your gas furnace should last anywhere from 10 to 20 years.

Your Source for Heating in Winnipeg and Steinbach

You can always come to us for help on heating in Winnipeg and Steinbach! We can install your new gas or electric furnace and ensure it's running smoothly for many years to come. A professional furnace cleaning once a year can save you money on expensive repairs in the future. We recommend a cleaning and safety check in the fall before your heating system will start to be heavily used. Our technician will inspect your system, clean essential components and make sure the unit is working correctly. With regular cleaning and maintenance from you and our team, your furnace shouldn't need as many major repairs throughout its lifetime and you can rest easy knowing that your home is safe.

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Gas Furnaces

Evolution® System Plus 98M Gas Furnace

Evolution® System Plus 98M Gas Furnace

Model: 987M

Evolution® System Plus 96T™ Gas Furnace

Evolution® System Plus 96T™ Gas Furnace

Model: 986T

Preferred™ Series Plus 95T™ Gas Furnace

Preferred™ Series Plus 96T™ Gas Furnace

Model: 926T

Preferred™ Series Plus 95S Gas Furnace

Preferred™ Series Plus 95S Gas Furnace

Model: 925S

Dave Lennox Signature® Collection – SLP 98V Variable-Capacity Gas Furnace

Dave Lennox Signature® Collection – SLP 98V Variable-Capacity Gas Furnace

Dave Lennox Elite® Collection – EL296V Variable Speed Gas Furnace

Dave Lennox Elite® Collection – EL296V Variable Speed Gas Furnace

Dave Lennox Elite® Collection – EL195 Gas Furnace

Dave Lennox Elite® Collection – EL195 Gas Furnace

Dave Lennox Elite® Collection – ML193 Gas Furnace

PDave Lennox Elite® Collection – ML193 Gas Furnace

Electric Furnaces


A brilliant advancement in furnace technology, the Nortron by Broan ECM Series offers improved operating efficiency, lower overall energy costs and reduced greenhouse gas emissions associated with conventional electric power generation.

The superior performance of electronically commutated motors (ECM) is in part due to the motor’s brushless DC design, which ensures greater efficiency over a wide speed range. Its permanent-magnet rotor ensures lower heat losses.

Continuous Operation, Continuous Comfort

Continuous air circulation creates a more comfortable living environment with a more uniform temperature distribution and, when combined with a ventilation system, can dramatically improve indoor air quality.

When operating in continuous fan mode at low speed, an ECM motor offers up to 200% greater efficiency than standard motors. The energy saving benefits of a furnace with an ECM motor are most apparent when the fan is run in continuous mode.

In the past, operating a furnace in continuous mode has meant higher electricity costs. Today, thanks to our new Nortron by Broan ECM Series, you can enjoy the benefits of continuous fan operation with no significant increase, usually a decrease, in utility bills.


Keep warm this winter with the help of GLT Service Professionals. We provide 240 Volt B Series Electric Furnaces. Learn more about this furnace's many benefits:

  • May be installed in a basement, closet, crawlspace or any unused area or alcove.
  • Space saving design allows for zero clearance installation between the furnace and combustible surfaces.
  • Installation only requires the connection of power to the unit and the connection of the thermostat wires.
  • Quiet performance is assured through the special mounting and balancing of the blower wheel.
  • Approximately half of the elements are disconnected during the milder fall and spring months, so entire furnace is not energized (when using Energy Saver switch).
  • Motor runs continuously on high for constant air circulation during warm weather months (when using the mode control switch).

Stelpro SFE Modulating Electric Furnace with Electronic Controls

This electric furnace by Stelpro is the only one on the market that comes equipped with a built-in temperature sensor which makes installation easier. You can also say goodbye to undesirable temperature fluctuations thanks to its state-of-the-art electronic controls! This furnace has many things going for it: easy installation, ease of use, and a compact size along with many other outstanding features.

Stelpro SFECM Modulating Electric Furnace with Electronic Controls

This furnace by Stelpro is equipped with an ECM motor, which guarantees greater efficiency and constant air flow. This motor makes the most of the humidifier and filtration systems due to the use of the continuous ventilation mode. You also have access to top of the line controls for greater temperature management and simpler air flow adjustment. The SFECM furnace offers a quiet motor, compact size, built-in temperature sensor, easy installation and unparalleled ease of use.


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