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Water Heaters and Hot Water Tank Repair in Winnipeg and the Southeast

If you want to enjoy hot water for cooking, cleaning, bathing and heating, you need a functional water heater for your home. GLT Service Professionals performs hot water tank repair in Winnipeg, Steinbach and the Southeast so you can continue to have a reliable hot water supply. We recommend getting your water heater flushed annually to clear out harmful sediment. Left untreated, this sediment can start to come out of your faucets, you can lose water pressure or a pipe could burst. The typical lifespan of a well-maintained water heater is around 8 to 12 years. With our expert installation and regular maintenance, we can keep your water heater in tip-top shape!

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Find the Right Quality Water Heater for You

When you're shopping for a water heater, all you have to do is head our way. We carry a range of water heaters from the top brands. Most water heaters generally work in the same way, but the fuel source can differ. Electric water heaters convert electric energy into heat and are controlled by thermostats, while gas water heaters use a thermostat, thermocouple sensor and pilot light to trigger a valve which allows gas to flow to a burner and ignite a flame that heats the water. Many tankless systems have a hot water recirculating system to keep hot water moving. Solar water heaters function in a similar way by circulating water through a device that's exposed to sunlight for continual heating.

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Defender Safety System® - Atmospheric Vent Energy Saver Models

These water heaters utilize a draft diverter and are atmospherically vented with capacities ranging from 29 to 60 gallons and inputs ranging from 30,000-50,000 BTUs. These models are perfect for many standard water heating applications. We offer the following:

  • 10 Models (29-60 gallon capacities)
  • 30,000-50,000 BTU/Hr.
  • FVIR Defender Safety System®

Bradford White ICON System™ Features:

  • Enhanced Performance
  • Advanced Temperature Control System
  • Intelligent Diagnostics
  • Pilot On Indication
  • Green LED
  • Separate Immersed Thermowell

Standard Energy Saver Features:

  • Advanced ScreenLok® Technology Flame Arrestor Design
  • Resettable Thermal Switch
  • Maintenance-Free
  • Pedestal Base
  • Sight Window
  • Factory Installed Hydrojet® Total Performance System
  • Vitraglas® Lining
  • ¾" NPT Factory Installed Dielectric Waterway Fittings
  • Protective Magnesium Anode Rod
  • 3" x "4" Snap-Lock Draft Diverter on 40,000 BTU/Hr. or Less Models
  • T&P Relief Valve Included
  • Brass Drain Valve
  • 1" Non-CFC Foam Insulation

Energy Saver Upright

Our Energy Saver line of upright electric models features the power of the Hydrojet® Total Performance System and the convenience of electricity. Available in both single and double element models, these water heaters give you the power you need to heat water with electricity. The benefits include:

  • Direct Heat Transfer with Immersed Screw-Type Elements
  • Fully Automatic Controls
  • Factory Installed Hydrojet® Total Performance System
  • Factory Installed Dielectric Waterway Fittings
  • Protective Magnesium Anode Rod
  • Vitraglas® Lining
  • Heat Traps
  • Brass Drain Valve
  • T&P Relief Valve Opening
  • 2" Non-CFC Foam Insulation

Rheem Prestige Series Tankless Water Heater

Rheem Prestige™ RTGH is a series of high efficiency condensing tankless gas water heaters designed for continuous hot water



  • Up to 94% energy efficient with stainless steel condensing heat exchanger
  • Intelligent electronic controls designed to increase energy efficiency and safety
  • Third party efficiency listed by AHRI
  • Qualifies for federal tax credit (Tax Credit Form 2012)


  • Industry First! 0.26 GPM minimum flow rate, 0.40 GPM minimum activation flow rate
  • RTGH-95 for 3 bathroom homes*– 9.5 gal./min. at 35°F rise max., 8.4 gal./min. at 45°F rise SCAQMD rule 1146.2 compliant
  • RTGH-84 for 2-3 bathroom homes*– 8.4 gal./min. at 35°F rise max., 6.6 gal./min. at 45°F rise SCAQMD rule 1146.2 compliant

Compact Size

  • Compact space saving design – about the size of a medicine cabinet

Self-Diagnostic System

  • Self-diagnostic system for easy installation and service
  • Digital display shows temperature setting and maintenance codes


  • Two-pipe direct vent system designed for PVC pipe, see instructions for details
  • Hot start programming helps minimize fluctuation in water temperature, referred to as “cold water sandwich,” during periods of frequent on/off operation
  • Built-in electric blower
  • Exclusive! Guardian overheat film wrap (OFW)
  • EZ-Link cable available for higher demand applications to connect two tankless units to operate as one
  • Manifold up to six units with an optional MIC-6 manifold control board
  • Manifold up to 20 units with the optional MIC-185 plus the MICS-180 manifold control assembly

The Marathon Electric Water Heater Offers These Advantages:

Your Marathon tank is warranted not to leak for as long as you own your home. Marathon offers this no-leak promise because of its superior, non-metallic PermaGuard tank construction - a seamless blow-moulded polybutylene tank with a filament wound fibreglass outer tank for maximum strength. Superior performance, high efficiency and low operating cost for a lifetime! The benefits are:

  • Technologically advanced design is clearly differentiated from short lived steel water heaters.
  • It's the most durable water heater made, with a warranty to match.
  • Envirofoam™ insulation is completely free of CFC and HCFC ozone depleting gases. Marathon leads the way in environmental friendly manufacturing, design and operation.
  • Tank comes complete with a factory installed vacuum relief valve, ¾" brass tee and ¾" brass nipple for easy, professional installations.
  • Replaceable Brass Drain Valve
  • All wiring runs in conduit for easy control wiring.
  • Seamless Blow-Moulded Polybutene Tank with No Anode Rod Required for a Corrosion-Free Life
  • High Temperature, Commercial-Grade Dip Tubes for Greater Durability
  • The filament wound fibreglass outer tank is designed to be more flexible and withstand more pressure than conventional tanks.
  • Our unique high temperature dip tube is offset from the concave bottom, creating a "whirlpool effect" which helps prevent sediment build-up.
  • Every tank includes 4' of pipe insulation for even greater savings.


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